Working with Adobe InDesign – Part 7

File Menu

Explanation of File Menu and Edit Menu in Adobe InDesign

The File Menu is the 1st Menu in Adobe InDesign. It has an option to edit the Document Setup we are using. After we click it, we will get the dialog box depicting the size of the page and other details. We can edit it and this changes the page size we are using. There is also an option to Adjust Layout we are using. By using this option we can resize the content of the pages, as we change the size of the page. It will adjust automatically the content present on the page.

We have an option to Package the contents if it is required to give the file which we are working to a service provider. It works as a wizard to collect all the links, fonts, file properties and also gives the pdf format of the file, including a earlier version of the file. This is helpful to others if they have old version of Adobe InDesign. There is an option to Print the contents present in the page, if we need a print of it. As we give this command, it presents us with a dialog box, showing the printers we have configured in our system with the size of paper to print. After we have given the correct settings, we will get a hard copy of the file. We have an option to Print Booklet, which has more options, like arranging the file to a spread with options to print the files to a pdf, making it arrange our document in paginated form for consecutive, perfect binding and saddle stich versions. This will be explained in detail in future posts. We also have the options to Exit from InDesign. We will be presented for saving the file before exiting.

The Edit Menu is the 2nd Menu in Adobe InDesign. It has options to Undo and Redo from the action we are working. It repeats our action with one step increments.

We have an option to Cut the element out of the page, which we have selected on the page. We have an option to Paste the contents which we have cut. There is also an option to Copy the content present on the page, which makes the option to stay on the page without deleting it. We can then paste the content in another place. If we have any shape, where we need to adjust any content, we can use copy it and use Paste Into option. This makes the content to fit it into the shape. We also have the option to Paste In Place a content in the same place of another page. This option can be used only after copying any content. We have also an option to Clear the content which is selected. This works similar to delete button on the keyboard.

We have an option to Duplicate a content which is present on the page. It is similar to copy and paste a content. We have an option to Step And Repeat an element. By using this option, we can paste the copied element into multiple times with a particular gap between them. We also have an option to copy an element in a place and paste in another place by using an option Place and Link. We have fifth tool in the tool box which gives a conveyor, where we can keep any item and then paste the items into another place using sixth tool.

Explanation of Edit menu in InDesign will be continued…

Working with Adobe InDesign – Part 7

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