Working with Adobe InDesign – Part 2


As explained earlier, this is the continuation to the list of tools which are used in Adobe InDesign

Scissors Tool

Scissors Tool is used to cut a shape or even a line. To do it, select the tool and click on the shape. You will get a point on it. Now you can select Direct Selection Tool. Just drag the point and the path opens up. This tool can be used to cut a line and also to open up a path line box or even circle. But a main change is, if the path has a background, it does not get harmed even when the path is cut.

Free Transform Tool

This is a Multi-dimension tool used in Adobe Softwares. We can increase the size of text or drawings or any designs.

To increase the size of text, you should first select the text by Selection Tool and then select the Free Transform Tool and select the text. By holding Alt+Shift (Keyboard command) hold the corner handles and drag the mouse. By doing this the text can be increased or decreased.

To increase the size of strokes or drawings, select the Free Transform Tool and by holding Alt+Shift (Keyboard command) click on the handles and drag the mouse. By doing this, we can increase the thickness of the stroke and also the dimension of the drawings and any groups.

This tool can also be used as substitute for the below 3 tools.

Rotate Tool

By using this tool, we can rotate any element on the particular page. Just click on the tool and click on the element and drag the mouse, the element gets rotated by small increments. If you use the given keyboard command, we can rotate the element by 45 degrees.

Scale Tool

By using this tool we can increase or decrease a given element or group. Just select an element by this tool and drag it. It opens a dialog box, using which you can reduce the size by changing the percentage of it.

Shear Tool

By using this tool, we can change the angle of a given element. Just click any element and move the mouse to the required angle. If you click Alt and then move the mouse, it presents with a dialog box, where we can specify horizontal or vertical angle for the given element.

Gradient Swatch Tool

By using this tool, we can give gradient colour to a stroke or as background colour.

Select an element and double click on the tool. You will be presented by a dialog box. Where we can select vertical or horizontal option. You will also have the option for giving an angle to the colour we specify. and also the central location of the area where 2 colours are going to blend.

Below you will find a slider with 2 boxes. Switch on colour dialog box which is in the window menu. Double click on each box in the gradient dialog box. You will be given the option to specify colour for that selected box. We can specify RGB or CMYK or any specified colours.

Working with Adobe InDesign – Part 2

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