Working with Adobe InDesign – Part 1


Adobe InDesign was developed by Adobe in the year August 31, 1999. It is a page layout software which combines the features of PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Freehand and Illustrator.

In early days of Desk Top Publishing (DTP), it was PageMaker (1985) from Aldus which ruled the field with many easy options for designing page layouts. As there was limitation of options, Aldus sold PageMaker to Adobe (1994) and they tried to develop it with many options which did not last long and then came the new software InDesign.

Many of the commands in InDesign were retained which were in PageMaker, so that it will be helpful for the operators to switch from PageMaker to InDesign. Some of the tools are listed below which were enhanced keeping the existing options intact.

Text Tool

The change which was made to the Text Tool in InDesign was, we should hold and drag in InDesign to get the text clip. A new option for Text Tool was introduced, to make the text in Arch form which even included the compress and expand of text. It was very helpful for many designers, which made many designers not to go for CorelDraw for this option.

There was also an option to convert text to curves, which resulted in not to change the font if opened in another system. Option to convert the text to gradient is also available.

Pen Tool

The Pen Tool was introduced in InDesign which was an enhanced form of Line Tool. It introduced the option of making a line to half circle. We can also make a star with various sizes of teeth’s. We can convert a line to many shapes, even a logo can be re-drawn by use of Pen Tool. We can also increase the thickness of the stroke and also change its design. Option to get a gradient filling of the stroke is available.

Pencil Tool

Pencil Tool was introduced, to make free hand drawings, which to edit we can use Direct Selection Tool. We can even increase the thickness of the stroke. There is also an option to change the design and thickness of stroke. Option to get a gradient filling of the stroke is available.

Frame Tool

Frame Tool which was only used in CorelDraw was introduced in InDesign, which helped in type a text inside a frame with no spill out of text outside it. It could be changed to any shape and size of our choice. The text inside it was editable! We can fill the frame and also reduce the thickness of the stroke, also make it none.

Box Tool

Box Tool is totally enhanced, which has the option to have uniform fill, gradient fill, texture fill and others… We also have an option to copy the fill properties to another shape, which is also very helpful to designers. The stroke thickness can be increased or decreased and also make it none. The corner options for the box tool can be given in increments from square box to a circle.

Working with Adobe InDesign – Part 1

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