Software Extensions

General Extensions
YAHOOYet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
VIRUSVital Information Resources Under Siege
OSOperating System
DTPDesk Top Publishing
PPIPixels Per Inch
DPIDots Per Inch
GUIGraphical User Interface
URLUniform Resource Locator
Internet Connected Extensions
HTM, HTMLHyper Text Markup Language
HTTPHyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPSHyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
HTTP over SSLHyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer
XMLXtended Markup Language
CSSCascading Style Sheets
JSJava Script
JAVAJava Coding
ASP, ASPXActive Server Pages
PHPHypertext Pre Processor
Software Extensions
DOC, DOCXMS Word Dcument
DOT, DOTXMS Word Template
XLS, XLSXMS Excel Worksheet
XLT, XLTXMS Excel Template
PPT, PPTXMS PowerPoint Slide
POT, POTXMS PowerPoint Template
INDDAdobe Indesign
PSDAdobe Photoshop
AIAdobe Illustrator
PDFAdobe Acrobat
PSAdobe PostScript
P65, PMDAdobe PageMaker
PM4, PM5Aldus PageMaker
Image Extensions
TIFF, TIFTagged Image Format File
JPG, JPEGJoint Photographers Employees Group
GIFGraphic Interface Format
PNGPortable Network Graphics
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