Printing an Artwork

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This is a great history which everyone should be aware of. It started in stone age when people expressed their feelings in the form of symbols. These symbols came to know as a language.

To transmit the message to other people, a medium called printing came into existence. You can get the complete detail of how printing industry went top by visiting the below given links

In the printing industry, the famous type of priting was letterpress printing. We print books, newspaper and others. To get more details, visit the websites below;

One more type of printing which is famous is Screen Printing. We print small stickers to banners. We can use screen printing for printing cloth banners and also small size rate stickers used in retail shops.

Screen printing is a technique which can be explained in various steps. Take a print of the artwork on a tracing sheet or even positives. It starts with exposing box, fitted with tubelights inside a wooden box with glass top. Keep the tracing facing opposite direction of the glass top. Place the screen on the glass top.

When you switch on the light, the impression on the tracing sheet imprints on the screen. Fit the screen to a clamp on the printing table. Place the paper below the screen on the table. Put the required colour on the screen. With the help of squeezer wipe the colour on the screen. You will get the impression from screen to paper.

For more details on the screen printing you can visit the below mentioned sites

There are many companies which manufacture the printing machines for offset. The below links give you a fair idea of the modern printing

Printing an Artwork

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