Die-cutting Process

Diecut Sample

Die-cutting is an important stage to cut a printed paper of an artwork, which cannot be cut by regular cutting machines. To do this we need a die, which itself is a process of cutting a job according to the client’s needs.

The diemaker arranges blade on top of wooden slab according to artwork we give. After we give the artwork, they will take a same size printout on paper. They will calculate the length of blade required to do it. They will then mount the blade on the wooden plank according to the artwork which we have given. This is then brought back and mounted on a punching machine. After we punch it, we will get the finished job according to the client needs.

We can punch various types of jobs using Die-cut, like designing an envelope, sticker cutting also called half-cut, wobbler, carton boxes, packing boxes, and other jobs which we cannot get using regular cutting machine.

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Some samples of die-cut jobs are given below.


To design an artwork for die, an outline for cutting the job and a dotted line for folding. To get more details regarding die-cuts have a look at below given websites, where you get more details regarding die-cuts



Die-cutting Process

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