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Why Choose Us

Works which I Do

Designs for Printing

You can give Instructions for any type of designs and can take the output after you are satisfied with my work. You can even get a complete knowledge of Printing Technology.

Support for Web

You will get support for creating and maintaining WordPresss and Wix Websites. I do it for and

Online Emailers

I do online emailers from zoho, which includes designing and also publishing them. I do emailers for sustainabilitynext

Conference Support

I support design needs for any type of conference. I have experience of doing it for

Important Steps for Printing

Steps you can take to Design Jobs

1st Step


You should be ready with your content. You should also have an idea of how our design should be.

2nd Step

Job Size

You should know the size of paper for which your design should be created. Else you can get the sizes of paper under Miscellaneous Menu.

3rd Step

Design and Approval

After a stipulated given time, you will have a look at your job. You will have the liberty to make corrections and take your final job.

Some of my Hobbies

My Videos and Photographs

Camera Photographs
Mobile Photographs

What everybody Tells About Me

"Good effort. All the best"
Benedict Paramanand
Editor, Author, CEO, Bangalore Biz Litfest Rishabh Media Network
Hi Ganesh Your first site looks great! Nice job, I like the colour blocks as you scroll down, and it looks very professional.
Gregg Davis
WordPress Website Professional and Expert Teacher
I took a look at your website. I like the design. It's very nice.
Alex Genadinik
Instructor – Business | Entrepreneurship | SEO | Marketing | Amazon
My Clients

Some of the customers for whom I work

My Blog Posts

Contents which are Educative for Everyone

H.S. Ganesh Keerthi

C/o. N. Ramaswamy,
No.6, Rohini Clusters, F2, 3rd Main,
AECS Layout, Sanjay Nagar,
Near Ashwathnagar Bus Stop,
Bangalore – 560 094.

Mobile: 9513715974
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